Create lasting impact with agile leadership: enable effective decisions and actions to capture value opportunities. Leadership agility is directly correlated to organizational agility - an agile organization is not possible without agile leaders, and only 10% of leaders possess this skill set.

Agile ways of working means helping you focus, move faster, mobilize people, and instill ownership. Using your strengths to lead your teams somewhere new – so they can help your organization reach your goals. You, your team, and your organization will only ever move as fast as decisions can be made.

And using neuroscience and coaching, we’ll take a brain friendly approach to how you can coach and lead your teams to and build momentum to new outcomes. And with agile leadership education, awareness, and practice I will guide you to develop leadership agility.

Organizational coaching and consulting with AMP means

  • Making your workplace more human – where results matter and so do people
  • Employee engagement is up, leading to more delighted customers and financial success
  • Processes and structures that allow your teams to pivot quickly and effectively
  • Less red tape getting in your way (changing the ridiculous things that slow your organization down)


We'll make a plan, and adapt to move toward the future you want.

  1. Together we'll figure out where you're at and where you want to be.
  2. We'll understand & assess the value in getting to the destination.
  3. Identify ways forward that get you there.
  4. Build a Program to create momentum in that direction.
  5. Adapt as we go to maximize value and build capability in your organization.

You'll have built knowledge and skills to enable your agility into the future. My mission is to equip people and organizations to sustain and extend momentum, long after my time with them.

Persevere & Accelerate forward by clearing (or detouring) roadblocks

Learn how to lead your people so they feel a sense of ownership and are empowered to make decisions to move your organization farther faster. It's critical to create the environment for psychological safety where people can be authentic, test out ideas, challenge the status quo, and have real conversations. 

Agile leadership is for every individual or leader who wants to take success into their own hands. Taking control of your future is as simple as becoming the kind of leader you know you can be. Prepare to break free from what's holding you back!


Here’s what people are saying:

"There is a certain amount of "escape velocity" needed to make it to the next level. This often times requires us to revisit the way that we see ourselves and our organization. Jasmine has this disarmingly, fantastic ability to encourage reflection and discovery under the guise of a warm and candid conversation. I started noticing changes immediately after our very first session and after a few months, small changes have added up to a tectonic shift in how I and my company operate. Her knowledge of the nuances of working in a highly technical environment was an incredible benefit as we never had to stop and translate jargon and concepts. It is really easy to accept feedback from someone when you know that they are on the same page and you are being heard."

— Scale-Up Tech Organization