My goal every time I present or facilitate is to show participants that it is possible to generate new ideas, to have new perspective, and to get lasting results by taking new action.

— Helping you create meaningful and engaging events and workshops

Credibility & Focus

With 20+ years of leadership experience including VP and Board of Director roles, I've lived in the real world, helping organizations and individuals reach past their own perceived limits, orchestrate lasting change and achieve the very best results.

I've delivered dozens of talks about leadership, neuroscience and agility, and facilitated many workshops and training sessions, leading to an audience that’s excited to start implementing the practical stuff they've learned.

What you can expect from me if you hire me for your event or workshop :

  • A well-prepared session tailored for your audienceince, often including graphic facilitation
  • Material sprinkled with personal stories to add value, and connect them to their own action
  • A professional who’s got it together


Hiring a speaker for your event can be difficult. The quality of the speakers can make or break your event. But hiring a great speaker can motivate, engage, and activate your audience.

I’ve spoken at dozens of functions, both at industry and private corporate events. And while every event I speak at is different, the one commonality is that the attendees want to get better results for their organization and value for their time.

That’s why my talks focus on engaging, igniting, and motivating your attendees. People leave with actionable ideas, motivated to implement.

Facilitation & Training

When planning training or team sessions, you need a dynamic facilitator who is going to not only provide attendees with something actionable, but who can ignite new thinking, keep them engaged, and motivated to implement what they've learned.

My sessions, which can range from a couple of hours to workshops lasting multiple days, are designed to take attendees from passive viewers to active participants, ready to take action. I often perform graphic facilitation to engage different aspects of learning and make concepts memorable.

My Topics

I speak and provide training on a variety of subjects, mainly centered around leadership and coaching. Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker, a workshop facilitator, or a multiple day training session, here are some topics:

  • Extinction Mitigation: Agile & Agility
  • Leadership & Organizational Agility
  • Neuroscience and Leadership
  • Creating the Environment for Success
  • Your Brain - Threats, Thinking, Creativity, and Sleep

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