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"Leadership is not just about giving energy... it's unleashing other people's energy." - Paul Polman
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Grow Leadership to Grow the Business

AMP Coaching & Consulting will help you accelerate forward to achieve more than you thought possible.

You can have the best product, best strategy, best people, and you can still hit a ceiling. Your business can’t outgrow You, and Your Leadership. We can help you blast through this and get what you want – revenue, growth, optimization, freedom – whatever!

The irony is… you’ll get more done, by Doing less.

In order to reinvent yourself for a new role, grow your business, or take things to an entirely different level, you have to scale You. It IS possible.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Pace of Change

Everything is changing increasingly quickly, your team can’t adjust and deliver fast enough, there’s pressure to do more, and adapt to get where you want to go. It feels like you can’t find the missing piece,  you’re trapped in the race.

Increased Pressure

You have a great product, great strategy, great people… yet you fear your business isn’t pushing past your competitors and you’re missing out on opportunities, revenue, growth. And you’re challenged in being able to pursue new things…

Things Aren’t Working

You’re tied up working ‘In’ instead of ‘On’ the business to move it forward, you feel like the Chief Problem Solver, and you feel the full weight of the business on you. You’re trying to grow, be more effective, but do you have to be 125% of a person!?

It’s not about working harder, it’s about digging deep to figure out what’s holding you back and kicking that to the curb. Seeing new possibilities and shifting thinking to get somewhere new.

What would it be like to propel yourself forward?

  • You can see, feel and move toward new possibilities.
  • You’re taking real action and creating the future you want
  • You’re seen as a leader who inspires engagement and makes things happen
  • Your team can change directions quickly, and so can you with increased focus
  • You’re seeing value delivery, results. Real ROI.

AMP helps you get farther faster, adapt easier, and create momentum.

Leadership Learning & Team Workshops

Need someone to help you navigate the opportunities and challenges? Ready to show your organization how to lead and engage people more effectively, to adapt faster, while getting measurable results help you reach your goals?

 Leadership Development & Coaching for Individuals

Customized 1-1 leadership development, and neuroscience based coaching gives you a path to more success as an individual, an executive, or an entrepreneur. If you want better results, or scale, you need to overcome the gravity holding you back, and propel yourself forward.

Speaking and Facilitation

Looking for a knowledgeable leader to speak about leadership, management, agility, and building high performing teams? I create and facilitate engaging, action-oriented workshops and training to activate your leaders.


AMP the Numbers

We are often asked to describe our impact and experience in terms of statistical numbers and so here is a snapshot of the impact that AMP Coaching and Consulting has had with our clients.

$ Million Value Created & Increasing every day...

(Business Ann Rev $ Millions) Ideal Entrepreneurial Leaders for Leadership Coaching

Working with businesses this size (# Employees)

Leaders Directly Impacted through Education or Coaching

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Jasmine has been instrumental in helping move Conexus along the path to agile leadership and created tremendous value for our organization. Her ability to convey complex concepts and engage the audience has made an impact, with a number of leaders immediately applying the concepts, and using this to address points of friction  and approach to problem solving.”

Eric Dillon

CEO, Conexus Credit Union

“I started working with Jasmine during a very rough season in my company. During this period, Jasmine helped me identify what I needed to focus on and more importantly, what was holding me back. I was on track to 10x my company in a year and was eventually acquired. She is one of the most positive inflection points in my career and my personal journey.”

Lukas Ruebbelke

VP of Developer Growth, BrieBug

“Jasmine has a depth of insight around modern leadership and how neuroscience relates to it. When she shares this stuff with her clients, you can hear her passion light up, turning a dry topic into a fascinating description of the human experience. Even more importantly, when I came to her for my own coaching needs, she met me where I was, and equipped me to move forward confidently.”

Jesse Fewell

Leadership Coach, Author "Untapped Agility"

Agility + Momentum + PerseverAnce

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