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About AMP

Hi, I’m Jasmine Kernaleguen!

Coach, Catalyst, Coffee-Loving Canadian

Before we rewrite your story, here’s a snippet of mine:
I am a music lover—in fact, I often try to catch live music or theatre when touring.
First up, my favourite song: “Oh Canada”. My story begins and ends in Canada, the land of long winters, amazing people, and some of the most gorgeous scenery you will ever find (ok I’m a teeny bit biased, but it’s still true). Plus, it’s the song they play whenever our Canadian Olympic hockey teams win a gold medal 😉

“Walking on Sunshine” is the perfect song for me because (despite living somewhere that has winter for half the year…) I spend my summers enjoying the great outdoors, usually in a kayak, on a bike, or hiking.
I’m also a francophone Canadian, I’m fluent enough to successfully maneuver around France without making any faux pas.

With 10+ years coaching experience, I coach leaders and entrepreneurs 1-1 with a neuroscience based approach. In addition, I also coach and facilitate leadership teams and organizations in agile transitions to create a lasting change.

I have 20+ years of dynamic leadership experience primarily in Financial Services, Insurance, and Tech. In transforming my own leadership and helping others do the same, I have found tremendous impact in team engagement, organizational agility, delivery and overall results far exceeding my expectations. My own leadership journey led me to become an Agile Leadership Educator to help other leaders learn and practice this too, globally and here in Canada. I also help leaders evaluate and take action on their own leadership agility as a Leadership Agility 360 Coach.

I am recognized as an engaging Speaker and Facilitator, highly pragmatic, supportive and challenging, with the ability to create context, clarity and momentum forward, with leaders and teams.

My passion is helping leaders create successful adaptive organizations where people can bring their best to work. I am keenly interested in the connection between leadership, neuroscience, physiology and lasting behavioural change.

I help leaders activate untapped capability, and together we are igniting a revolution in the world of work.


The Old Way

The old school management model we’ve all been taught for decades isn’t working the way we need it to. And why should it? It was created at the start of the industrial revolution and more than a hundred years later, the world has changed, but leadership hasn’t caught up. Everything has Changed!

My Approach

I’m taking my success in transforming my own leadership, and my expertise in neuroscience based coaching to help others lead more effectively. I’m partnering with leaders to take on the challenges they’re facing and transform themselves, and their organization from stuck to successful with some serious ROI. We’re developing leadership agility and getting great results and outcomes. In today’s fast paced world, you have to be innovative, focused, decisive, and adaptive.

My Passion

I’ve studied, implemented, coached agile leadership time and again, with real results for organizations. And my true passion is coaching people like you, to lift you forward, help you create lasting change, and achieve what you want. Activating leaders & teams to adapt and get results. Leadership agility and agile ways of working are the best way to activate teams to more focus and value delivery – so your organization doesn’t get left behind while your competitors implement faster.

Agility + Momentum + Perseverance

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