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"Growth and comfort do not coexist." -- Ginni Rometty

AMP is all about helping you scale yourself and grow your leadership to get what you want, exceeding your expectations in the process. This might be reinventing yourself into a new role, growing and shifting your business, or creating freedom.

Helping leaders activate untapped capability and together igniting a revolution.

CEO, Connector, Jasmine Kernaleguen

Disrupting and expanding thinking, and helping leaders redirect their default behaviours, Jasmine creates impact by helping people bring their possibilities into the present, blasting past their own expectations. She is gifted in creating clarity and helping high performing entrepreneurs & leaders win, as she partners with them at the intersection of leadership, neuroscience, physiology and lasting behavioural change.

With 10+ years coaching experience, and as a Brain-Based Certified Coach, Jasmine coaches high performing leaders and entrepreneurs primarily in tech, engineering, and scientific fields to grow and shift with a neuroscience based approach. She also coaches and facilitates leadership teams to have real conversations and make real progress.

Jasmine has 20+ years of dynamic leadership experience primarily in Financial Services, Insurance, and Tech – having responsibilities as a senior leader and board of directors, and currently serving as the Head of Leadership Development for the Boston University Agile Innovation Lab. In transforming her own leadership and helping others do the same, she has found tremendous impact in team engagement, business agility, delivery and overall results far exceeding expectations. Her own leadership journey led her to become an Agile Leadership Educator and Certified Leadership Agility 360 Coach to help other leaders learn and practice this too, globally and at home in Canada.

She is recognized as an engaging Speaker and Facilitator, highly pragmatic, supportive and challenging, with the ability to connect context, clarity and momentum forward, with leaders and teams.


Collaborator, Sara Bigwood

A Professional Certified Coach, Organizational relationship Systems Certified Coach, Leadership Agility Accelerator Coach, and author. She helps leaders wake Up (be conscious) to Grow Up (expand their conscious mind) to bring their best Self at work.

With 13+ years of experience as a development coach using vertical development, Sara closes the gap between the complexity of the world and the complexity of mind by developing leadership agility to keep pace with the rate of change. She creates solutions to grow by designing and leading programs in leadership development. She coordinates and leads teams of coaches to perform bespoke programs. Her approach is to reveal the system to itself and to work with the emotional field to gain awareness through experiential exercises.

Sara wrote four books on parenting (Raise a Human Being, Not a Consumer in 2020), and leadership articles on LinkedIn and the Huffington Post. Her unique insight is to use the development continuum from childhood to adulthood to raise the level of consciousness and facilitate human development.


Collaborator, Daniel Gagnon

An organizational agility advisor with close to three decades of diversified consulting, training, project management and IT experience. For the past ten years, he has specialized in agile at enterprise scale, holding multiple roles as both manager and consultant within several large Canadian financial institutions.

Over the years, he has provided training to over 2,000 individuals in Scrum, Disciplined Agile, SAFe, PMI Montreal’s Agile Certified Practitioner test preparation course as well as a bespoke, 40-hour agile project management class at Montreal’s McGill University. He describes himself as a passionate post-heroic leader and ethical disruptor.

Collaborator, Karen Kemerling

Bringing 30+ years of leadership experience heading all aspects of business as a CIO and COO. Her superior management, implementation, negotiation, and consensus-building skills, focuses on delivering services that empower the business and promote productivity.

In 2011, Karen was nominated by the Denver Business Journal as the CIO of the year in the Non-Profit Sector. In 2015, she was also voted one of the top 3 Business Women of the Year in Denver. Karen successfully completed her doctoral dissertation on the Productivity of Remote Teams and achieved her doctorate degree in Management and Organizational Development.

Collaborator, Christina Carlson

Owner of Carlson Consulting Services, based in Saskatchewan, Canada, guides leaders through collaboration, creativity, and inspired agility.

Christina is a certified Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt and experienced project leader, bringing over 15 years of proven facilitative success and experience across healthcare, oil & gas, mining, and pharmaceutical industries and small businesses.

Christina finds success and purpose through creativity, and collective celebration in her belief everyone can achieve their dreams.

The Old Way

The old school management model we’ve all been taught for decades isn’t working the way we need it to. And why should it? It was created at the start of the industrial revolution and more than a hundred years later, the world has changed, but leadership hasn’t caught up. Everything has Changed!

AMP it

Taking success in transforming leadership, and expertise in neuroscience based coaching to help others lead more effectively. Partnering with leaders to take on the challenges they’re facing and transform themselves, and their organization from stuck to successful with some serious ROI. We’re developing leadership agility and getting great results and outcomes. In today’s fast paced world, you have to be innovative, focused, decisive, and adaptive.

Get Real.

Studying, implementing, coaching leadership development time and again, with real results for organizations. Coaching people like you, to lift you forward, help you create lasting change, and achieve what you want. Activating leaders & teams to adapt and get results. Get real, and get it done, and get somewhere new…

Agility + Momentum + Perseverance

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