Bringing Possibilities into the Present.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”― George Bernard Shaw

CEO’s, Senior Leaders…

What do you Really Want? No, really really want. Those things so big you’re scared to say them out loud? This is the exponential impact we want to create with you. There’s a way, it’s possible.

Exponential coaching helps people do things that seem impossible. That’s what we do.

You may have already tried to move in this direction, your defaults and your automatic behaviour, thinking, feeling might be keeping you stuck or not making huge progress. Maybe you’re constantly running around working “In” the business solving problems instead of “On” the business, you can’t seem to accelerate or get momentum, you feel like you’re at your max capacity and you need to break through somehow?

What if you don’t decide to do anything about this and a year from now you’re exactly where you are today, or it’s maybe worse? Not cool.

We will be the people who tell you exactly what you need to hear – to question your beliefs, disrupt your thinking and help you SEE, and MOVE. There’s less and less truth as you move up, as you become a top leader, and it’s true it can be lonely at the top. We’re here to partner with you in your own tailored coaching program. We’ll leverage neuroscience, and small practical (brave!) actions forward to focus & create what you really want. We’ll bring your possibilities into the present.

We’re not aiming for 1+1 = 2 with you. We’re aiming for 1+1=11. Exponential, astonishing results.

We accelerate people performance.

We’ve helped leaders find their way to success – what has made you successful to this point will inevitably begin to hold you back. You have to start approaching things by doing the opposite, by thinking upside down and sideways. As you start to progress you’ll see that you can skip steps, then leap a few, then you might realize that you don’t have to take the stairs at all – that you can fly. Magic starts to happen. We know it, we’ve done it. And left the corporate world to help others, like you, do it too.

Prepare to invest, commit, and asonish yourself. Entrepreneurs have achieved freedom, and millions in ROI on our engagement and moved to 10X their businesses.

What does this look like? We coach by invitation and referral only. 4 or 6 month focused coaching engagements to help your brain create your new identity and transform your thinking. This isn’t just talking about it. It’s about challenging yourself to think differently and do differently to become V2 of You – and challenging you too. It’s a partnership, and we support you to overcome your fears and really find your impact.

Curious? Contact us to have a quick chat to discuss your challenges, possibilities. We only take clients where we expect to see a huge return on investment for them – aiming for max impact and 10 – 100X returns because our coaching business grows with referrals.

Specializing in coaching people who want to transform, make a big change and rock the results.

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“Working with Jasmine has catapulted Liquis Digital to new unbelievable heights, at an unbelievable pace. In less then 4 months, Jasmine was able to get me past hurdles that I had been stuck at for over 10 years even hurdles I didn’t even know I had. She took me so far past those hurdles, that by the end I forgot that they were even hurdles to begin with. I can’t say enough amazing things about Jasmine, she saved me and my business. I would recommend working with Jasmine to anyone! My only wish I would have known Jasmine earlier and had the opportunity to work with her sooner.”– Brad Ball

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