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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”― George Bernard Shaw

Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs…

Not sure what the next step is for you to grow your business, your leadership, team is not working as effectively as it could, need to scale, and there seems to be an invisible barrier you can’t get past? There’s a way.

Teams seem to have continued difficulty delivering, you’re constantly running working In the business instead of On the business, you can’t seem to accelerate or get momentum, you feel like you’re at your max capacity and you need to break through somehow to get somewhere new? What if you don’t decide to do anything about this and a year from now you’re exactly where you are today, or it’s maybe worse? Crushing. Let’s not choose to do that.

Grow your business, and your leadership by scaling yourself. Get out of your own way and enable the team to take ownership and create momentum – it’s freeing. The solution? This isn’t your typical business or leadership coaching. Customized leadership & development coaching and learning. I’ll coach you to experiment and practice developing skills that take you to the next level, to scale You to grow – your business will not outgrow You, so you have to grow. We’ll leverage neuroscience, and small practical actions forward for you to develop skills and agility to be successful in a complex, rapidly changing environment.

You can have the best strategies, greatest product, smartest people, and awesome service… But if you don’t develop agility and scale your leadership to enable your people – you’re hitting the ceiling. It’s inevitable. Agility a critical leadership competency for today and the future and takes you to the next level – only 10% of leaders demonstrate these capabilities. 

I’ve helped leaders find their way to success. There is often no jumping through it – it must be climbed in small steps, then you gain momentum and energy as you get closer to the peak, the team starts to climb with you and before you know it, you’re where you want to be. I know this because I’ve done it. And I left the corporate world to help others, like you, do it too.

Leaders within organizations tell me that as a result of our work together, they have achieved gains in their team’s delivery effectiveness of anywhere from 5-19% (on a team salary of $800,000 that’s $40,000 – 152,000). Entrepreneurs have achieved up to 1.7 million in ROI on our engagement.

What does this look like? 3-4 month (10-12 session) focused coaching engagement with leadership  education as needed – practical and action focused to help your brain create your new identity and transform your thinking. This isn’t just talking about it. It’s about challenging yourself to think differently and do differently to become V2 of You – and me challenging you too – I see this as a partnership, and I support you.

Want to chat about this? Contact me to have a quick chat to discuss your challenges and how this might help. No pressure, I only take clients where I expect to see a solid 3x return on investment for them – I aim for max impact and 10 – 100X returns because my business runs primarily on referrals.

I specialize with leaders and entrepreneurs in Tech, Finance, Engineering, Law, Digital & Web, IT, Architecture, Insurance & Actuarial – wherever there is a strong technical or analytical nature to the work or the leader, is where I really live and we really rock the results.

Here’s the Simple Process:

1) Have a Chat – Contact me to schedule

2) Decision to Proceed – We decide to move forward

3) Action Forward – 3-4 Months, 10-12 x 1hr sessions, adapt

4) Recap – Where we’ve been and where you’re going from here.

5) Celebrate your progress and future!


How is this different than alot of coaching?

  • Short, focused engagement, not forever.
  • Methodical, flexible, thinking and habit oriented.
  • Science based, and super practical.
  • Small actions to create Big impact.
  • Aiming for exceptional ROI.
  • Scaling your leadership to grow and to take it to the next level – you and your business.


The Old Way

The old school management model we’ve all been taught for decades isn’t working the way we need it to. And why should it? It was created at the start of the industrial revolution and more than a hundred years later, the world has changed, but leadership hasn’t caught up. Everything has Changed!

My Approach

I’m taking my success in transforming my own leadership, and my expertise in neuroscience based coaching to help others lead more effectively. I’m partnering with leaders to take on the challenges they’re facing and transform themselves, and their organization from stuck to successful with some serious ROI. We’re developing leadership and getting great results and outcomes. In today’s fast paced world, you have to be innovative, focused, decisive, and adaptive.

My Passion

I’ve studied, implemented, coached agile leadership time and again, with real results for organizations. And my true passion is coaching people like you, to lift you forward, help you create lasting change, and achieve what you want. Activating leaders & teams to adapt and get results. Your agility in leading, and agile ways of working are the best way to activate teams to more focus and value delivery – so your organization doesn’t get left behind while your competitors implement faster.

Agility + Momentum + Perseverance

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