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If you feel that you’re not leading as effectively as you could be, your teams aren’t delivering as well as they could be, your list of things to do continues to get longer even though you’re working at 100% and trying to be 120% of yourself… you’re not alone!

You might feel like you’re drowning and you can’t even consider taking a few hours to help yourself move forward. Or you might simply feel frustrated like I was, thinking there must be a better way to get traction and adapt faster. Pausing to learn a few impactful tools will make a big difference, and yes – there is a better way.

Leaders who have learned, practiced, built these skills in their agility have created huge return on their efforts, seeing improvements in their teams delivery between 5% and 100% (on 1,000,000 in team salary, that’s impact of $50,000 to $1 million). They’ve been able to focus, prioritize, create better outcomes, helped their teams deliver more effectively, and found their own paths forward. I have done this myself, have taught leaders worldwide, and coached many leaders through this. You’ll begin to feel the freedom of leading in a different way, improving team delivery and overall engagement in this rapidly changing, complex, environment we’re in – it’s amazing to see the transformation. Your small steps will accumulate into big results and lasting change.

Agile leadership online or in person workshops with me will give you awareness and understanding of how to move your leadership to greater agility. This learning can be tailored to leaders with more strategic focus “working on the business”  leading leaders, or to leaders with more functional focus “working in the business” leading teams executing functional work, as requested. With small class sizes, we’ll walk through real examples, challenges, and how to leverage neuroscience and agility to create the best conditions for your team to succeed. You’ll have actionable tools, and a practical path forward to implement the learning to create your own impressive results and outcomes.

Additional info on Agile Leadership and details on online course modules: agileleadershipjourney.com

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I just wanted to say a thanks for getting me ready for the current situation that’s facing all of us. Having some background and perspective in approaching this uncertainty and leading our team through it is certainly helpful and great for my sanity! I’ve already been practicing some experiments with the team. I have some more planned for our meeting tomorrow. The world needs what you have to offer. – March 23, 2020. “

Agile Leadership Class Participant Oct 2019

“This is the first time in my career that I have ever attended leadership training that I felt excited to go back to work and apply! Thank-you”

“Very effective rewarding course. Love the flexibility and format!”

“The material is relevant and I have left this workshop with an understanding of the incremental steps I can take to turn my own leadership dial.”

“The most valuable education I’ve attended in my career.”

“This was high value, and eye opening.”

“It is a good balance of exercises, dialogue and learning moment. It is visual, well illustrated with concrete examples. Jasmine is proficient, she leads softly but covering the ground.”

Agile Leadership Class Participants 2019, 2020

The Old Way

The old school management model we’ve all been taught for decades isn’t working the way we need it to. And why should it? It was created at the start of the industrial revolution and more than a hundred years later, the world has changed, but leadership hasn’t caught up. Everything has Changed!

My Approach

I’m taking my success in transforming my own leadership, and my expertise in neuroscience based coaching to help others lead more effectively. I’m partnering with leaders to take on the challenges they’re facing and transform themselves, and their organization from stuck to successful with some serious ROI. We’re developing agility in leaders and getting great results and outcomes. In today’s fast paced world, you have to be innovative, focused, decisive, and adaptive.

My Passion

I’ve studied, implemented, coached agile leadership time and again, with real results for organizations. And my true passion is coaching people like you, to lift you forward, help you create lasting change, and achieve what you want. Activating leaders & teams to adapt and get results. Your agility in leadership, and agile ways of working are the best way to activate teams to more focus and value delivery – so your organization doesn’t get left behind while your competitors implement faster.

Agility + Momentum + Perseverance

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